Tile Levelling System Pliers

$30.00 RRP

  • Adjustable and accurate
  • Made from solid moulded plastic
  • Levelling system used for eliminating lippage during installation of tiles, especially large format and rectified edge products
  • Ideal for walls and floors
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Solid moulded adjustable plastic pliers designed specifically for comfort and ease of use.  Ideal for walls and floors and suitable for use with all Precise Levelling System Wedges.


What makes these Tile Levelling System Pliers unique?

Our pliers are moulded from durable plastic and ergonomically designed for easy handling. They’re perfect for use on both walls and floors, enhancing the efficiency of your tile levelling process.

Can I use the pliers with other levelling systems?

Yes, they’re compatible with all Precise Levelling System Wedges, ensuring a seamless tiling experience across various projects.

Is the weight manageable for prolonged use?

Absolutely. At just 325g, these pliers are lightweight, enabling comfortable use over extended periods without causing fatigue.

Additional information

Weight 325 g
Dimensions 300 × 170 × 40 mm

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