Tile Levelling Screw System

$350.00 RRP

  • Ideal to substitute a broken levelling clip, saving you from having to lift the tile.
  • Reusable design
  • Levelling system used for eliminating lippage during installation of tiles.
  • Ideal for walls and floors
  • Box Size: 1500 Clips (30 x 50 pce)
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The re-usable tile screw levelling system is a tile levelling system that can easily be added after the tiles have been laid and comprises of a threaded cap and clip that can be tightened by hand, or with the included wrench tool.

The tile levelling screw system  clips are suitable for use with tiles measuring 3 – 15mm in thickness.


How many Tile Levelling Screw Systems do I need?

For a precise calculation, refer to the chart above. It details the number of spacers required per square metre based on tile size.

Can I use the Tile Levelling Screw System on walls?

Absolutely! Our system is versatile and perfect for levelling both wall and floor tiles, ensuring a flawless finish every time.

Are the Tile Levelling Screw System components reusable?

Yes, they are. This system is designed for both effectiveness and economy, allowing you to reuse the components for future tiling projects, saving you time and money.

Additional information

Weight 12000 g
Dimensions 570 × 390 × 360 mm
Box Size

1500 (30×50 pce)

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